How much will the programme cost?

Our costs are low and we offer a fully inclusive package.

Camp America costs

What’s included in the package?

We want to be really transparent with you and tell you where your money goes. Our fully inclusive package makes this experience accessible to everybody and explains all the details of the programme step by step. We will help you from the beginning to end, so you will enjoy your summer without any worries.

Package Camp America South Africa

Our package

With Camp America you are in good hands, you will get support 24/7 from beginning to end. Our aim is to provide you a unique experience, so our programme includes food and accommodation on camp, visa support, medical insurance and much more!

Cost Break Down Summer Camp 2019

Cost breakdown

As we have said, we want to be really clear and honest with you, so we can guarantee our package includes all the essentials without hidden costs. The only thing you have to pay apart from the package is the medical form completed by a GP.

How To Apply Camp America 2019

How to apply?

Applying for Camp America is so easy. Getting started is really simple; you only have to tell us some basic details about you. Once you have this, you can log back in anytime and finish the application.

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