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The application

We are really happy you are about to join our family and we want to make it easy for you! That’s why we have broken the process into different stages, so you shouldn’t get lost in any step. We have developed a helpful guide with 6 steps, where we explain what you have to do stage by stage. The process is really clear and simple, but if you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on our ‘get in touch’ page.

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First of all, you only need to register and provide a few basic details. This stage takes less than a minute and once you have complete it you can come back to finish the whole process whenever you want.

registration summer camp jobs

Build your profile

Now it’s time to create your personal profile. Make sure you write as much as you can in each section to make your application stand out. Then, you can save whatever you want and log back in anytime.

build profile camp america


In this stage you have to provide two references from someone who knows you in a professional manner. We only need their names and contact detail and they will receive an email from us asking them to complete a reference for you.

two references camp america application

Choose your interviewer

Once you have provided the references we will give you a list with the interviewers of your local area and you will choose the one that best suits you. Your interviewer will help to build and finish your profile.

choose interviewer camp america south africa

First payment

You need to make the first payment before we confirm the interview time and date. You don’t have anything to lose because if you don’t pass this stage, your payment will be automatically refunded. So, no worries, you don’t have anything to lose!

first payment camp america

The report

We will ask you a couple more questions online after the interview. Then, your interviewer will complete a report that will become part of your profile. Once all that process is done and your references and police check have been verified, we will start work on finding you a camp placement!

application report camp america

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